Tips for Making Fire-Resistant Landscape Designs

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Landscape Design CharlestonThere should be a correct way to landscape the property to prevent any cause of wildfire in the area. There are instances when wildfire strikes without being aware that it will occur. Most wildfires happen in rural areas where there are great risks for wildfire. A properly landscaped property can be a good defense for surviving destruction or damage.

A homeowner should be aware of the safety of one’s space and surroundings. A well-planned landscape can make the property safer from any wildfire strikes.

Here Are Some Preventive Measures To Lessen The Risks Of Wildfires

  1. Provide a space clear of vegetation around the property; this will serve as a good defense against wildfires. The capacity of a house to survive the fire is its accessibility for firefighters to operate conveniently to kill the fire.
  2. Make the landscaping design free from any tall grasses and shrubs that can cause a large fire. Place any combustible materials like the fuel and trash that are prone to fire in an enclosed storage area
  3. Landscape properly by giving enough space for plants that are near the house and place the plants that grow slower and are shorter closer to the house.
  4. It is recommended that there should not be large masses of plants in a particular area. Instead, designate specific spaces for the plants where they are in clusters and pots.
  5. The design of the landscape would even look better if there are decorative rocks placed in every space where there are not plants. Rocks and gravel can slow the flow of the fire and prevent the continuity of any fuel flow to the fire.
  6. Lessen the weed growth and limit the moisture by using organic and inorganic mulches. It is not advisable to use pine barks on landscapes because they have pine needles, which are thick enough to fuel the fire.
  7. An allowance of 8 inches should be allotted from the house for grass that needs to be mowed. It is better if the grass is farther away from any structure. Wildflowers should be well maintained and irrigated regularly. Place more gravel around grasses and put some stepping stone pathways on the way to the area garden area.

People should be aware of the steps necessary to prevent fire and have defensible spaces against wildfires that may occur. There is a proper way to landscape the property without destroying the design that is coordinated with the house.

Always make sure that safety comes first for more convenient and enjoyable living. You can call Local Hardscape Pros to ensure you have a fire resistant landscape design.  


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