Hardscape Charleston SC

Functional Hardscape Features in Your Charleston Home

No landscape is all green space. Did you know that hardscape is also a component of landscape as in plants, like softscape. There are numerous projects that could add to your landscape style and make your home look more enjoyable and relaxing. It is additionally interesting to know that most hardscape features are really extremely valuable and functional. Hardscape […]

Concrete Landscape Charleston

How Concrete Landscape Design Can Add Appeal To Your Yard

When you hear the word concrete, would you believe that it is something that could add beauty to your backyard? Yes, as a matter of fact, concrete landscaping has come a long way since the last decade and is currently gaining popularity among yard owners in the country. How Concrete Landscaping Adds Beauty To Your […]

Patio Charleston

Theme Parties for Your New Patio

If it’s the beginning of summer you can have the most amazing theme party for your new patio. However, even if the pool is covered and the leaves are beginning to fall, you have another theme for yet another patio party. Party Ideas For you New Patio Water-Themed Patio Party What better way to have […]

Patios Charleston

How To Make Your Old Patios Look New

  If you have an existing patio area that requires a little attention or a little refurbishing, a great deal of creative thinking could go a long way. Did you know that you can do a simple home remodel project on an old patio area flooring in various methods? You could even alter the area […]