What Is Lawn Hardscaping?

Generally, hardscaping describes the act of landscape design in urban areas, walkways, the driveways as well as car park outside huge business structures and real estate developments. However, hardscaping is progressively making its way to the suburban areas and more especially to the front and back yards of homes. Now what you get with lawn hardscaping, is that […]

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Functional Hardscape Features in Your Charleston Home

No landscape is all green space. Did you know that hardscape is also a component of landscape as in plants, like softscape. There are numerous projects that could add to your landscape style and make your home look more enjoyable and relaxing. It is additionally interesting to know that most hardscape features are really extremely valuable and functional. Hardscape […]


Choosing The Best Hardscape Materials For Your Home

Hardscapes are features that are as essential as softscapes, which are the green living things growing in your garden. Whether it is big or small, heavy or light, hardscapes can help your garden by adding some focus and balance to it. It can add dimensionality, accentuates a landscape, and serves as your garden’s focal point. […]

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Retaining Walls For Your Home Or Commercial Property

A retaining wall is a man-made hardscape structure that helps stand up to the soil pressure whenever a shift in the ground elevation goes beyond the repose angle. A properly constructed wall by a professional Charleston hardscaping company will not just support the sloping earth, but also assist in draining the water runoff while minimizing […]

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Tips For Designing A Patio

If you are looking for an excellent way to have fun outdoors even if you are at home, then you should consider installing a patio. By having a good quality patio installation, you will be given with a great new space where you can entertain guest, dine with friends or loved ones, or to just […]