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Building a patio isn’t brain surgery but there are some must know tricks that require a professional to construct a safe and long lasting outdoor living space for you to enjoy. Think about creating a beautiful patio from brick, pavers and stones. You will have a beautiful outdoor entertainment area you can be proud of.

Adding a patio frees up and adds extra space to your home in many ways. Available in a range of types and colors, a natural stone hardscape offers the advantages of being durable and lending a sophisticated appeal to the swimming pool area. Since natural stone is porous, it should be sealed yearly to safeguard it from weather and chemicals. When it comes to pool landscaping, we are firm believers in both form and functionality. Rest assured that, when you choose Local Hardscaping Pros, your new pool landscape will be visually appealing and safe.

Important Patio and Swimming Pool Decks Considerations

Considering a patio? That’s definitely a step in the right direction. You can’t make patio and swimming pool deck considerations, back them up with appropriate actions and not multiply the value of your home.

It’s not only you making those patio considerations, the U.S Census Bureau Survey as well as the annual National Survey of Construction Report both relays information that indicates an upward trend in patios and swimming pool decks. Simply put, many people are adding color, style and increasing the values of their homes, both in monetary terms and the invaluable satisfaction it offers.

outdoor living spacePatios bring that extra beauty to your home as well as offer a cool spot for relaxation or dining out, even if you’re home. Irrespective of your budget, patios are becoming incredibly affordable… offering varying options that fits a wide range of spending allowances.

So, whether you are making considerations to improve your existing patios or swimming pool decks, or you’re about to build an entirely new one… you’ve come to the right place. Let’s unveil the most important considerations to make whether it’s a new or improved patio or swimming pool deck you project.

Patio and Swimming Pool Deck Designs

Variety is the spice of life… patio designs are not lacking in this regard. Designs come in varying sizes, styles and most importantly… your budget. The style you choose to settle for is basically a direct result of what your creative imagination can dream. Depending on the space you have available, consider consulting Local Hardscape Pros to help you blend your taste with a design that matches. 

Popular ones include

  • Sun Deck
  • Bistro patio
  • Garden oasis
  • Backyard Retreat

For patio closer to the house, you have the Outer or Carolina room or a covered patio options. These aren’t defined names; you can define yours as your creativity permits you to.

Patio and Swimming Pool Deck Materials

swimming pool decksMaking patio and swimming pool deck considerations cannot be complete without considering the material to use. Yes! There are several patio materials to choose from. The final choice will be entirely yours.

Patios can be created with concrete, natural stones or Flagstone, brick, or pavers. If you’re going to get your patio done with concrete, please don’t leave it plain slab. The idea of patio will be defeated if there’s no style to it, but if it’s what you settle for, consider a stamped pattern. There is also high maintenance to be considered with concrete as patio material.

With various types of stones to choose from, nothing beats stone in giving patios a natural look. There is flagstone, slate, bluestone, or limestone to choose from. They actually are more expensive, but it’s understandable, they are more durable and come also in different sizes. But, they’d be worth the investment.

Bricks win the nod of many homeowners owing to the charming looks that can be obtained with them. But, that is not the case due to maintenance issues. Bricks will retain moisture due to its porosity, and cracks with a freezing weather. This makes it hard to be replaced.

Specifically manufactured in consideration for patios and swimming pool decks, pavers have been churned out in different shapes, colors, and patterns. Pavers are gradually becoming the dominant patio material. Since they are manufactured, they will keep receiving accolades because they can be produced to suit varying demands.

Patio Finishing and Accessories

patio furnitureOnce the structure of a home is completed, then comes the interior finishing. The same is true when it comes to patios or swimming pool decks considerations. This has to be the final touch of what suits you. Furniture, with its incredible nature of being formed into breath taking shapes, styles and sizes definitely serves as the choice additions.

Start by deciding if your patio will be a replica of the aesthetics of the interior of your home carried to the outside living space, or if an entirely new and unique finishing will be needed. Back again to your budget, furniture comes in different prices.

There is bamboo, redwood, traditional wicker or cedar furniture. For open outdoor patios, consider teak furniture or powder coated metal furniture which is highly water resistant.

Finding a reliable hardscaping contractor who is dependable and has the knowledge and expertise to build you the outdoor living area you dream about doesn’t have to be difficult. Local Hardscape Pros has combed through all the hardscaping contractors in the local area and have selected only the ones that meet our high standards.

Call us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your patio or pool deck ideas, or fill out our free estimate form and we will get back to you with an overall estimate for your project.


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