Landscape Lighting Myrtle BeachWhat adds aesthetic beauty to the overall look of a home is a beautiful landscape. Landscaping is defined as an activity that enhances the visible features of a land area. If homeowners want to increase their home’s curb appeal, they should carefully choose unique flowers, plants, and shrubs to grow in their garden. However, there is one element of landscape design that is frequently ignored. When evening comes, the beautiful landscape loses its appeal because of poor lighting. If you want to maximize your landscape investment, you should also consider your landscape lighting. A good landscape lighting can optimize your outdoor space throughout the year.

Understand The Basics

When it comes to landscape lighting, you should understand that light seen during the day is different from when it is seen during the night. Another thing about landscape lighting is when it involves illuminating pathways or outdoor room, a particular lighting concept applies.

The most basic element you need to understand is the characteristic of light. Light has color and intensity, or what landscape professionals call the quantity emitted. To create a dramatic landscape lighting, carefully choose the type of bulb you will use.

The shade of a specific light bulb could be located on the product packaging; it is a number that varies from 1800 kelvins (K), which is extremely red in tone, to 7500 K, which is a blue-white.

There are three types of lighting based on their function:

  1. Task Lighting is used to illuminate specific areas in the garden or patio. An important factor about task lighting is contrast. It is not meant to purely illuminate specific areas but to increase contrast.
  2. Accent Lighting, on the other hand, uses small focused or concentrated light. Its main function is to emphasize or highlight special areas or fixture in your garden.
  3. General Lighting, as the name suggests, is used to supply light to the entire landscape or garden.

Landscape Lighting Myrtle Beach South CarolinaLandscape Lighting Tips

If you are to start on your landscape lighting project soon, you have to remember several tips from the pros. 

Figure out just how your outdoor room will be utilized prior to starting your stylePrior to developing your landscape lighting, begin with the end result you are seeking. Is your objective to brighten paths and outdoor patios for safety purposes? Or are you aiming to use lighting for weekend entertainment? Perhaps you’re wanting to highlight building functions of your residence so they could be seen from the road in the dark light of the night. You’re probably thinking about adding visual charm in your residence. Making objectives clear for your landscape lighting project will guide you to create a more dramatic effect for your home and garden.

Consider placing your landscape lighting during the night.  As mentioned earlier, the effect of lights during the day if different from when it is seen during the night. When you install at night, you will have an overview of how your trees, flowers, and shrubs will look like when lighted.

Remember to have your essentials covered. When identifying the purpose of your landscape lighting, you need to identify the important components to illuminate such as pathways, entryways, patios and trees.

 Have timers installed in your landscape lighting. If you are among most homeowners who are busy with work, the last point you intend to do is invest in good landscape lighting timers that turn on during the night and goes off in the early morning. By doing this, you get to maximize the aesthetic beauty of your home and garden at any time of the day. Stay clear of high-wattage light bulbs that develop an extreme lighting. You can select reduced power level light bulbs for a more classy appeal.

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