irrigation systemsLocal Hardscape Pros will design a complete landscape irrigation system to meet your specific requirements. Irrigation systems can be installed for new construction or as an upgrade to your existing property. Drip irrigation systems are preferred for gardens and plant designed outdoor living spaces

Professional gardeners and those people who are lucky to have their own garden or at least a lawn to enjoy in the evenings usually rely on sprinklers to irrigate their lawns and gardens. If you still use a watering can or a hose to do this job, then this article is tailored for you.


Types of Irrigation Systems

A sprinkler system consists of some sprinkler heads placed over the area to be watered in a geometrical pattern. The idea is that the system takes full advantage of the water pressure while it satisfies the different watering needs of your garden. The system also has a built-in timer and controller that triggers it automatically. Each sprinkler is different, and the manufacturer and installer can help you calibrate yours so that it waters your lawn during the correct amount of time.

sprinkler irrigation systemOne of the main reasons you should consider investing in sprinklers is because they allow you to make an excellent use of such a limited resource as water during times of drought. They allow you ensure that you are efficiently watering your garden and lawn while avoiding water spoilage at the same time. This characteristic can be easily improved by installing different moisture sensors in your garden and connecting it to the sprinkler system. Each moisture sensor can sense when the area where it is placed has become too dry and automatically turn on the sprinkles nearby to water the area. As the hygrometer detects that the appropriate level of humidity has been reached, the sprinklers can be turned off automatically.

It is also advisable that you invest in rain sensors. They allow you to save water and will prevent the sprinklers from turning on when it is raining or after a heavy rainfall. And, needless to say, rain sensors allow you to keep your garden greener.

You should never try to install sprinklers by yourself. It is highly advisable that you hire a professional like Local Hardscape Pros to do it as they can plan the different irrigation zones according to how much water each area of your garden needs, which depends on the sunlight it receives and which plants are grown there.

If you worry that the installation process of the sprinklers may damage your lawn, you can rest assured that the installers have the right tools to do the job efficiently and with minimal consequences. Besides, as the lawn grows the sprinkler pipes will not be visible any longer.

drip irrigation systemsDrip irrigation is a system used for watering plants or crops at a low rate. This supplies drips of water at the very root of the plant. And therefore, the level of watering of this system is deeper in comparison with surface watering.

Most homeowners make use of sprinklers for watering their garden or plants. This system sprinkles water on the plants which sometimes do not reach to the roots. On the contrary, drip irrigation system supplies water at the root of the plants in the right proportion. For this reason, this system of irrigation is very beneficial.

Sometimes watering everything fails to supply the right proportion of water to all vegetation or plants. And therefore, plants do not get enough nourishment at times. Thus a system is required which can supply best watering solutions. Drip irrigation systems are in many ways can prove to be beneficial.

The choice of the most gardeners fall on drip irrigation for it facilitates the conservation of water. The system of drip irrigation is very conservative in contrast with sprinklers where it saves water up to 50%. This helps to control the supply of water that is wasted. As a result, this irrigation system is useful in the areas where there is a shortage of water.

There are certain areas with the undulating or sloping land where the requirement of water for crops are greatly felt. Moreover, the supply of water and labor become expensive in such areas. Drip irrigation can rightly be the best watering solutions at such places. Keeping this advantage in mind, certain parts of United States with the problem of water supply are using this method of irrigation.

Saving water is one of the most remarkable advantages of drip irrigation system. In addition to this, it helps to supply water go directly to the roots of the plants. Rather than spreading the water supply everywhere, this method enables the plants to soak the water in right proportion. This gives them a reason to grow fast.

Regardless of the type of irrigation system you prefer, Local Hardscape Pros can assist with the installation and maintenance of your system. We are your local hardscape professionals with the experience you need to install an irrigation system that will not invade your landscape design.

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