Hardscaping Ideas For Your Small Yard


hardscapingFor people who are unsure about what hardscape is all about, it basically includes the bulkier elements when it comes to designing your yard. Some great examples are driveways, patios, stones, rocks, arbors, stone benches, and so on. It may also include setting up sprinkler systems as well as the installation of fountains and swimming pools. Since you know have a good idea of what hardscaping includes, let’s check out a few great ideas for designing your small yard.

  • Visual levels – to provide your yard with a dramatic appearance, be sure to develop some levels there. You may add in a pathway embellished with bushes, flowers, and so on so it would have a stunning visual appeal. You may also transform a wall into a beautiful vertical garden. You may also use the upper section of the wall to keep your plants. You may utilize the steps to get this high wall, plus the area that encompasses the section could be a sitting space featuring a beautiful stone bench.
  • Water features – you may believe that adding a water feature is not possible if you have a small yard. But contrary to the common notion, it can actually be done. Adding one will give your yard some dimension. It will also create a soothing location that you can come to whenever you wish to relax and unwind after a long and tiring day.
  • Isolated islands – if you want to make this happen, you have to pick out a spot that will become the centerpiece of your yard. Use tiles to make an island. Be sure that it is huge enough to cater to a few chairs along with a side table in between them. Another kind of hardscaping Charleston is a trellis or two behind the chairs so that you can plant ivy, creepers, plant climbing roses, and so on. You may also include other kinds of plants. After a few months, you will get to enjoy your very own unique, attractive, and special island.
  • Fascinating pathways – you could come up with a unique pathway starting from your back door and down to your new special island or perhaps the water feature that you had installed recently. Make use of creative blocks to add a hint of charm to your pathway. You may plant bamboo shoots or palms in the border of the pathway or perhaps use it to store flowering plants. You can also add in a few solar lights to illuminate your pathway.
  • Decor – keep in mind that any decoration that you use should be kept as simple as possible so that it won’t take away the attention from your special areas. Be sure to use hardscape essentials that will add space to your new water oasis or special island.

Make certain that whatever you have constructed is easy to take care of. You have to ensure that you take more time enjoying the special area that you have created rather than maintaining it. Apart from that, you might want to consider including some lighting so you can stay in that area even at night. Just light some citronella candles to keep the bugs away.

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