hardscape for swimning poolsYou have invested in a pool or garden to enjoy the warm spring and summer season, now it is the time to make your outdoor property a real hideaway. Hardscaping addresses the details that make your home exceptional. This can be reclaimed wood, iron, pavers or stone. Whether you are envisioning tile, stone, concrete or brick, Local Hardscape Pros ensure these features work harmoniously with your landscape and home design.

What is hardscape?

Hardscape is one of the inanimate sections of landscaping, particularly any woodwork or masonry work. It refers to the use of hard and concrete materials as its name implies. However, it is a stable and permanent structure constructed for the landscape design. Hardscape is designed to compliment your outdoor space; to add functionality and to give ever-lasting beauty and mesmerizing view to your property. A wide range of material is used for hardscaping.

  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Metal 
  • Paver blocks
  • Belgard Pavers
  • Stamped concrete

Hardscape Project Examples: 

Hardscape, no doubt, is an industrious and assiduous effort. In many cases, these projects are downright grueling under favorable climate conditions like in summer, fall, and spring. However, weather does not stop the professionals and experts from carrying out the hardscape projects during winter. 

Some hardscape designs demand only manual labor. However, the use of machinery and heavy equipment is usually a necessity.  

How hardscaping fit in with Landscaping? 

Hardscape is reserved for materials and for structures that fit with landscaping. The landscaping elements like garden gnomes, ceramic pots, plants and flowers can use hardscaping for their shapes and structures. Moreover, water features like fountains and pools are considered to be hardscape.

The pool segment of the water features, usually, is an in-ground pool and has a rigid and inflexible plastic liner or is concrete. But, on the larger swimming pools, the alternative use of plastic is synthetic and durable rubber having flexible properties that give you any shape you desire. 

Planting all around the water features is a fantastic way to merge the hardscape and the landscape. It allows you to erect landscaping features that soil erosion and other climate variables make impossible. Hardscaping also can compensate for heavy traffic that causes wear on areas of your lawn like grass and bare earth.

Tips for Hardscape Design

hardscape retaining wallIn designing the hardscape feature of your home, you should promote the design of your home and carry it over to the outside living space. Look  around you and design your hardscape for your inner and outer home. Harscape can also be used for areas where the land is not level to create retaining walls and sitting areas. 

Here are some tips for hardscape design:

  • It is highly recommended you consider the style of your home selecting the exterior material.
  • Match the hardscape with the architectural style of your home.
  • Keep the low maintenance of yard so that you may fill the area with lush plush flower beds,
  • To bring the rain sound into your garden, transform a concrete bowl into the water feature. Moreover, water trickling over the stacked stone gives the feelings of natural rain falling. You can enjoy the natural phenomenon at home.  
  • To flex creativity, an outdoor getaway is the best place. Separate pavilions from the pool; decorate the place between these features.
  • Create cohesive designs by using the bricks throughout the walls and flooring.
  • To attract visual attention, use the different flooring material from the backyard patio. 
  • You can also create a lounging area beside the pool, but be careful in using the material. Stone-textured concrete will be the perfect material for this area.
  • It is a mesmerizing view to cross the bridge over the water. You can create the concrete bridge linking one patio with another.
  • Integration of seating walls enables you to make use of the space maximum without installing the pieces of furniture. 

 Whatever you dream is for your home, Local Hardscape Pros can make that dream a reality. We have the experience and knowledge to design, implement and help you maintain your backyard retreat.

Give us a call today to schedule a convenient time to discuss your ideas or use our online request an estimate form to get a rough estimate of the investment in your dream. Local Hardscape Pros is a local landscaping and hardscaping company that is here to serve the community.


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