What to Check in Your Pool Landscape Design

Pool Landscape Design


Pool Landscape DesignIt is always a great idea to compliment the interior of your home with your exterior and a grand backyard. Many homeowners choose to have their backyards filled with great landscape designs of flowers and other sorts of vegetation. However, more homeowners are now opting to create multi-purpose swimming pools to radiate the lavishness and glamor of living.

There are several things you should be aware of when designing your own pool. Although you may want a professional guy to work for you, you still have to get personal knowledge of what should be constructed within your fences.

Check Out These Pool Landscape Designs

Pool Shapes

One basic pool landscape design to consider is the shape of the pool you want which of course is best determined by the shape and size of the ground itself. But the general rule of thumb and the current trend with pool shapes are the geometrical figures and streamlined lap or the constructions that give the wet edge look. The latter is designed so that the water from the pool would slip over the surrounding basin. This gives the dramatic illusion of more opulent and larger pool.

Pool Colors

The color of the pool is always credited by giving the dramatic effect. This is because the color gives the more defined outline on the general design and it dictates the surrounding landscape design. Shades of blue, more specifically sapphire hues, are popular for swimming pools which are often matched by crystal outline. Blue stands out from green shades of the vegetation and the rustic hues of bricks, marble and other rocks common among pools.

Water Features

Plain swimming pools are obsolete, thus fountains are great to create effects for the pool. These also add aesthetic. You can use a grand wall of flowing water or small trickles of well-constructed fountains.


Floras are never out of trend, the variety of effects come from the manipulation of the hundreds of species of plants and flowers. Each general design, such as tropical landscape, calls for various usage and species of plants. This element for pool landscape design must be used with optimized results. Of course, you do not want your pool to look as if you have created a botanical garden when all you wanted is to accessorize your landscape design with touches of greens.


Whether you really intend the pool’s use of evening or not, you still would want to consider the use of landscape lighting effects to illuminate the features of the pool and the surrounding areas. A single spotlight has been out of trend for quite some time now and the use of subtle lights is thought to be the best replacements.hardscape for swimning pools


Normally the fence around the pool creates unwanted results and many homeowners would as much as possible refrain from its usage. However, the law dictates that pools should be fenced however ghastly the effects may be (the end part, of course, was not mentioned in the constitution). Now, the best choice for a garden fencing is glass panels.


Decking, no matter what you call it, is a great addition to your pool landscape design. This suggests a good outdoor “room” where you can stay for relaxation and is very useful for additional designs such as hanging plants.

Small details are good additions to your pool landscaping designs. Bird baths, sculptures, wildlife boxes, bird feeders, rock formations and all other imaginable items will do your landscaping some favors when strategically placed.

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