Landscape Design Charleston

Tips for Making Fire-Resistant Landscape Designs

There should be a correct way to landscape the property to prevent any cause of wildfire in the area. There are instances when wildfire strikes without being aware that it will occur. Most wildfires happen in rural areas where there are great risks for wildfire. A properly landscaped property can be a good defense for […]

Landscaping Water Charleston

The Fact Behind Landscape Design And Water Preservation

  Majority of people think about landscape design an excellent way to conserve water while maintaining your yard’s aesthetic appeal. Nonetheless, there are doubters who claim that landscape design is the primary consumer of water. Most individuals think that the more abundant and beautiful a yard looks, the more water it uses. But in fact, what these people don’t […]

Pool Landscape Design

What to Check in Your Pool Landscape Design

  It is always a great idea to compliment the interior of your home with your exterior and a grand backyard. Many homeowners choose to have their backyards filled with great landscape designs of flowers and other sorts of vegetation. However, more homeowners are now opting to create multi-purpose swimming pools to radiate the lavishness […]

Patio Charleston

Theme Parties for Your New Patio

If it’s the beginning of summer you can have the most amazing theme party for your new patio. However, even if the pool is covered and the leaves are beginning to fall, you have another theme for yet another patio party. Party Ideas For you New Patio Water-Themed Patio Party What better way to have […]

Outdoor Kitchen Charleston

Benefits of An Outdoor Kitchen With A Fireplace

If you live in a place where it gets cold, but you love cooking outside under the stars, you should invest in an outdoor kitchen with fireplace. Think this is a joke? It is not. Actually, one of the recent trends toward maximizing the versatility of a home is to install one of these outdoor […]